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Best Men's Clothing Polo Shirt in 2018, the Best Quality Men's Polo Shirt

For men's clothing, the words "classic" and "signature" are usually very easy to use, but as far as polo shirts are concerned, no adjectives are more appropriate. In fact, very few men's wardrobe clothing has experienced such an important existence and evolution. They are timeless and the cornerstone of any spring or summer outfit. Polo, a symbol of a contemporary gentleman dressed traditionally in golf or tennis, a polo shirt is nothing more than a simple T-shirt with a collar closed by two or three buttons and sometimes with a small pocket. It can be either long sleeves or mens clothing polo shirts short sleeves, while the previous fabrics are usually pearl cotton. Its basic and motion design has not changed since its inception in the early 20th century, but it still cannot change its eternal essence. However, the use of this super dress is changing. To fill the gap between classic shirts and T-shirts, polo is recognized as the protagonist of any spring or summer wardrobe, whether for leisure or business.

It's hard to imagine that, thanks to today's super-technical clothing cult, until the early 20th century, those who played tennis used to wear pants, shirts, jackets and ties. Obviously, it was very uncomfortable to participate in the competition, so in 1926, the famous French tennis player René Lacoste decided to try something revolutionary: in his game, he was wearing a polo shirt for the first time. He doesn't like the hard fabric of the shirt, but chooses soft pearl cotton that can be stretched and carried around. He chose a ribbed collar that mens clothing shorts could be pulled up to protect the neck from the sun, rather than a button collar. Finally, he decided to ignore the tendency to roll up his sleeves on the court and put on a short sleeve because it gave him a more comprehensive movement. Inspired by his nickname, Lacoste asked a friend to draw a crocodile, which quickly became his famous symbol. He made his debut in 1927, first applied to the jacket and then to the T-shirt.

In 1933, after withdrawing from professional tennis, Lacoste began to promote his work in Europe and North America, and established Chemise Lacoste, whose unique symbol has been a small crocodile for many years. During this time, polo shirts became part of the high-tech industry standard informal business dress and then spread to other industries. Usually as part of the uniform, the company began to build an ordinary polo shirt with their company name and logo. Today, polo shirts are common throughout the Western world. Although they have been playing a unique sporting role mens clothing t-shirts a few years ago, it is not difficult to see them combined with smart clothing in the office or leisure time. Although polo shirts are still the official uniform for tennis players and golfers, the very fashionable pieces are also true. In the warmest working environment, especially during the warm season, the intense heat drives everyone to prefer them to shirts.