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Women think that men wearing a fitted white T-shirt is more attractive. The shape of the top highlights the typical male silhouette of the wide shoulders and narrow waist. So no matter how you build it, T-shirts can make you look more mens clothing t-shirts masculine. However, there is a warning - it must be perfectly attached to highlight the best attributes of your body, rather than look like a tight-fitting sports top. Shoulder - The seam of the T-shirt should sit perfectly on the edge of the shoulder.

Sleeve - Installed around the arm and does not extend to the elbow. If you have a big arm, look for a shorter sleeve or fold a few sleeves to show off your gun. Length - Your top should be long enough to fit into your pants, but not too long, so that it gathers at the waist. Make sure it stretches to the hip bones and covers the waistband of the pants. We will discuss folding rules mens clothing fashion later in this article. Stomach - Your upper part should slightly match your body curve. If it's too loose, you won't see the shape of your body, and if it's too tight, every detail of your stomach will be visible. Conical cuts that don't cover the waist are the most pleasing. Neck - When you raise your arm, there should be no large gap around the neck. It shouldn't be so tight that you can't move easily.

To choose the right color, you should have at least some basic knowledge - white, black, gray and navy. White - Replenishes all skin tones. The classic white T-shirt should be part of your wardrobe. Remember to wash white clothes together often. Do not mix with other colors. Gray - a mixture of different shades - grey can almost enhance your body shape. Pay attention to the sweat marks that are easy to see on dark colors. Black - Another versatile color choice, black with most clothing combinations. However, the color tends to fade quickly and can mens clothing jeans be a bit severe during the day. Navy Blue - A better choice than black, more suitable for jeans during the day, perfect for creating the same color. Other colors - T-shirts are probably the easiest way to try colors. Green, red, purple and blue are ideal for making or dressing under the cardigan. Make sure the color of the T-shirt does not conflict with your skin tone.